Boulder Retaining Walls

Professional Boulder Retaining Walls Services

Boulder Retaining Wall

When it comes to adding a retaining wall to your landscaping, you have a few choices, such as a block retaining walls, stone retaining walls, or in this case a boulder retaining wall. While boulders certainly add a very natural look to your landscape, boulders are bulky and very heavy, which can make them difficult to work with if you don’t have the right equipment or experience.

That’s where E.P.M. of Michigan becomes your best friend. We offer complete landscape design and installation services that include boulder retaining walls. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, our professional retaining walls services mean that we meet with you beforehand to discuss the projects and offer expertise when needed. From there, our team gets to work building you a boulder retaining wall that will look fantastic and last for a very long time.

Find out more about boulder retaining walls and our entire list of professional landscaping services, when you contact us now at (517) 990-0110.

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