Block Retaining Walls

Professional Block Retaining Walls Services

Block Retaining Wall

Block retaining walls are an attractive way to accomplish a whole list of landscaping goals, such as:

  • sectioning off flower gardens box
  • handling natural slopes in the terrain
  • circling trees
  • accenting steps
  • much more

While the finished product, when done correctly, can look as simple as working with Lego® bricks, there is a lot of planning, attention to detail and, in some case, heavy equipment that goes it to making it look simple.

At E.P.M. of Michigan our team of trained experts have just what it takes to offer residential and commercial block retaining wall services that deliver just want you need. We will meet with you to go over your plan, offer expert advice as needed, and work quickly to ensure your block retaining wall looks amazing and stays that way for many years to come!

Discover more about block retaining walls and our whole host of professional landscaping services, when you contact us or call us now at (517) 990-0110.

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