Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal Services

Commercial Snow Removal Services

In Michigan, we joke about the weather—”If you don’t like the weather now, just stick around five minutes. It’ll change.” And while that might be fine for a chuckle during small talk, when snowy weather hits, it’s no laughing matter. It doesn’t take much snow or ice accumulation to make for hazardous conditions in your parking lot, pathways, or sidewalks.

At E.P.M. of Michigan, we provide complete commercial snow removal services to keep you and your patrons safe. This includes around-the-clock:

So, while you can’t always predict the weather in Michigan, you can be prepared with snow removal services from E.P.M. of Michigan.

Find out more regarding commercial snow removal services when you contact us today at (517) 990-0110.

E.P.M. Lawnscape and Supply is a proud member of the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA).