Commercial Salting and Deicing

Commercial Salting and Deicing Services

Commercial Salting Deicing Services

While snow can certainly pose hazardous conditions, it is often ice that leads to most accidents. From October through May, Michigan residents can expect snow, sleet, freezing rain, or below freezing temperatures that ice up already wet conditions. A lack of preparedness for icy conditions is a slip and fall accident waiting to happen.

At E.P.M. of Michigan, we offer commercial salting and deicing services as part of our full line of snow removal services. We can cover entire parking lots, as well as sidewalks, pathways, and roadways. The best way to handle icy conditions is to prevent them from happening in the first place. We can help.

Find out more regarding salting, deicing, and our complete host of commercial snow removal services, when you contact us now at (517) 990-0110.

E.P.M. Lawnscape and Supply is a proud member of the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA).